Mobile App Development Using HTML5

HTML has always been one of the foremost, proven and preferred technologies for web designing and web development. However, with the emerging technology HTML5 is just not limited to web designing. On mobile technology pioneers Apple Inc. and Google Inc. are always pushing forward. The iPhone users and the Android users cover the most mobile market. And in this tight situation when a business is opting for a solution for mobile development it becomes very important to find a solution that works perfectly on all the major mobile devices.

HTML5 mobile development is quickly adapting these changes and encompassing these varied needs of cross platform apps of the market. Being a Professional Offshore Software Development Company based in India we’ve successfully executed numerous projects on mobile app development for all major mobile OSs and SDK’s. Our proficiency on SDK’s such as PhoneGap, Titanium Appcelerator, MoSync etc. itself showcases our immense knowledge and expertise on HTML5 Mobile Development.

Siliconinfonet is one of the prominent HTML5 Mobile Application Development Company in India. Siliconinfonet offers complete HTML5 Mobile Application Development Services. At Siliconinfonet, we use the latest and enhanced technological advancements for highest satisfaction to our clients. HTML5 Mobile App Development will revolutionize the smartphone world in coming days continuous to be hottest platform. We are very advance in HTML5 Mobile App Development. The expert team of HTML5 Mobile App Developers can build unique Custom HTML5 Mobile Application as per client requirement.

Benefits of HTML5 Mobile Development and Mobile Website

  • Consistent HTML code which can be transferred across the multiple platforms by default
  • Appropriate App distribution channels that makes the development easy, fast and concise for any platform
  • Use of advanced UI components.
  • Use of CSS3 styles and CSS3 based animation to reduce the size of the app and improve its overall performance on any device.
  • Access to rich audio and video media via native code only
  • Support for geo location services, as well as offline storage capabilities
  • Can be integrated with CSS3 and JavaScript for offering cross platform mobile development

Our HTML5 Website Development Services offer all advanced features that make the website more powerful with enchanting visuals and various enriched functions. We develop HTML 5 websites using features such as enhanced context menus, direct-mode graphics canvas, advanced client-server communication channels, great semantics, embedded audio and video tags, various features for offline web applications, sandboxed iframes and scoped styling. HTML5 is supported in all major browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera etc

Our HTML5 website development services include:

  • HTML5 Website Integration
  • HTML5 Web App Development
  • HTML5 Mobile Application Development
  • HTML5 Custom Website Development
  • HTML5 Website Development

HTML5 combining with CSS3 helps the designers to build unique websites and Apps that are consistent across all browsers. It also helps in development of mobile applications suitable for different browsers. It is across all platforms. Games in HTML5 can be developed with rich video and animation features. It also supports offline playing and supports local storage. Our HTML5 Developers have good experience with technological expertise that helps in creating a completely interactive and visually enriched websites with the help of HTML5 development techniques.

Why Choose Siliconinfonet?

  • Workforce of 50+ HTML5 developers and designers
  • Utilization of the latest HTML5 Technology
  • Cost-effective, quality work
  • Regular client discussion via Phone, IM and Emails
  • 100% client satisfaction
  • Creative and Expert Programmers

Hire HTML5 Developer at Siliconinfonet

Siliconinfonet offers you Professional HTML5 Programmers who work on hourly, weekly and monthly basis on your Custom HTML5 Programming and Development. Siliconinfonet has pool of personnel including experienced HTML5 Programmers and Developers who have worked on limitless projects and served clients with best solutions and ongoing web support. Now you can get the benefit of our sound and expert HTML5 Programmers and Developers. Partnering with the clients and supporting them with the end to end solutions. Call us now for free quote!!