Unity2D Game Development

Unity2D is a Cross Platform Game Engine and IDE developed by Unity Technologies. It targets web plugins, desktop platforms and mobile devices. Unity Technologies was founded in 2004 by David Helgason, Nicholas Francis, and Joachim Ante in Copenhagen, Denmark. Unity2D is written in C++, JavaScript, Boo, C#.

Unity’s success has come due to the focus on the needs of independent developers unable to create their own game engine and tools and purchase licenses to use fully featured options available. The company’s focus was and remains generalize game development” and make development of 2D interactive content as accessible as possible to as many people around the world. With the rise of the iPhone, Unity was one of the first engine developers to begin supporting the platform in full.

Silicon Info Net is a Unity2D Game Development Company in India. Silicon Info Net provides Unity2D Game Development Services since 2009. Silicon Info Net has a team of expert Game Developers having in depth knowledge and expertise in Unity2D Game Development. Our Mobile Game Developers are creative, innovative and passionate about developing an addictive Mobile Games using Unity2D. Silicon Info Net offers unique and exceptional Unity2D Game Development to all clients across all the continents. Silicon Info Net offers quick, cost-efficient and one of a kind service to clients.

Unity2D supports integration with Softimage, Modo, ZBrush, Maya, Photoshop, Adobe Fireworks, Blender and Allegorithmic Substance. Changes made to assets created in these products automatically update all instances of that asset throughout the project without needing to manually reimport. There are some popular games built on Unity2D like OMG! Pirates, Zombieville USA (2009), BattleHeart.

What is Unity2D?

Write once, Run Everywhere!

Unity has a 2D and 3D interactive content as accessible. Unity2D is an Authoring tool for development on 2D Games. Unity2D offers "Write Once, Run Everywhere", solving the problem of supporting multiple platforms. This development paradigm offers significant cost saving and reduces time to market. Unity2D does this all with no compromise in Output Quality. Unity2D is capable for doing an Output for Mobile Devices, Web and PCs, all major Mobile OS are supported. Once you build your game for one platform, you can have it easily ported on other platforms. Unity2D enables developers to spend more time on design, story and execution and spend less on real development.

Why Unity2D Game Development at Silicon Info Net?

We have a rich experience of developing Games for clients. Before Unity2D we have developed games on Flash Platform, now Unity2D becoming the most popular game engine, our Mobile Game Developers are expert in developing games within Unity2D. Our team of creative game developers is passionate about game development. Team has wide knowledge and experience in Unity2D Game Development. Our flexible Unity2D Development Service offering is designed to meet all our client requirements, be it a 2D Game design or other interactive content we do it all with perfection.

Key Advantage at Silicon Info Net

  • Highly Experienced Unity2D developers with years of experience
  • Being based in India our offering is affordable and premium quality
  • We have wide-ranging experience in developing Unity2D games using Unity for Multiple Platforms
  • Dedicated Designer Team for 2D graphic and concept design
  • The team of Unity2D game developers is Creative and Developing addictive games
  • Offshore Unity2D Game Development at Silicon Info Net

We have an ultra modern Unity2D Game Development Lab at Silicon Info Net. Our Unity Game Developers have a years of experience and passionate on Unity2D Game Development. Our Unity2D Game Developers can design any type games; from high end graphics supported Adventure games to Arcade games and Strategy games to Racing games. So if you want to turn your artistic and novel idea into real life game, Silicon Info Net is your ultimate destination. Silicon Info Net as an Offshore Unity2D Game Development Company offers creative and addictive games. Outsource Unity2D Game Development to us and we assure you 100% work satisfaction. You can hire dedicated Unity2D Game Developer from us at very low cost. Our Unity2D Game Developers will be taking care of all ideas to bring those ideas in reality. Call us now for free quote!!