Twitter API Integration

Twitter API allows websites to connect to various forms of twitter information like messages, updates etc. We make use of this framework to develop Social Networking Applications interplay with twitter. Authorization of users is also supported by applications. Twitter API is a strong tool for cultivating online presence. We have developed a lot of applications where Twitter API is used extensively to leverage user network. is a leading Twitter API Integration Company Based in India. Our clients have capitalized the advantage of our knowledge to develop innovative Twitter API Integration. provides quality Twitter API Integration Services since its inception. Our professional Twitter API Integration programmers are well experienced in Twitter API Integration and they offer cost-efficient Twitter API Integration Services to the clients across the globe. The team of expert Twitter API Integration Developers gives Custom Twitter API Integration as per client requirement. offers different API integration for your websites as well as web portals. The publishing APIs has allowed websites to create an open architecture for sharing content and data between communities and applications. In this way, content that is created in one place can be dynamically posted and updated in multiple locations on the web.

Twitter appears on countless personal and professional websites nowadays, whether it is a simple “Follow me” badge in the header or a display of the author’s latest tweets in the sidebar. Twitter is now an essential for every website, not just for sharing ideas, thoughts and keeping in touch with people, but also for marketing, advertising and even searching.

Various Approaches of Integrating Twitter:

Twitter for Websites is a suite of products that enables websites to easily integrate Twitter. Twitter for Websites is ideal for website developers looking to fast and easily integrate very basic Twitter functions. This includes offerings like the Tweet button, which lets a user tweet about something she found engaging on your site to all of her friends. Her friends see that tweet, click through to your site, and some percentage of them will tweet that same content to their friends - a great distribution loop. Likewise, the Follow button allows a user to quickly follow your account back on Twitter. That particular user will then see updates from your account funneled back into her stream, creating a new channel of engagement with your user base.


The SEARCH API designed for products looking to allow a user to query for Twitter content. This may include finding a set of tweets with specific keywords, finding tweets referencing a specific user, or finding tweets from a specific user. This API will also provide your product access to data around Trends. If you need to query the SEARCH API at extreme velocities and are hitting rate limits, then you should be working with the Streaming API.


The REST API enables developers to access some of the core primitives of Twitter API including timelines, status updates, and user information. If you're building application that leverages core Twitter objects, then this is the API for you. Imagine building a profile of a user: their name, their Twitter handle, their profile avatar, and the graph of people that they are following on Twitter - all with a few REST API calls. In addition to offering programmatic access to the timeline, status, and user objects, this API also enables developers a multitude of integration opportunities to interact with Twitter. Through the REST API, the user can create and post tweets back to Twitter, reply to tweets, favorite certain tweets, retweet other tweets, and more.


The STREAMING API is the real-time sample of the Twitter is for developers with data intensive needs. If you're looking to build a data mining product or are interested in analytics research, the STREAMING API is most suited for such things. STREAMING API allows for large quantities of keywords to be specified and tracked, retrieving geo-tagged tweets from a certain region, or have the public statuses of a user set returned. This requires you to establish a long-lived HTTP connection and maintain that connection. If you're currently developing on the SEARCH API, and find that your application is being rate-limited or you just have aggressive querying needs, then you should be moving over to the STREAMING API.

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