AJAX Web Programming

Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) is a web development technique to build and create synergistic web applications. Walking hand-in-hand with technology, Silicon Valley has brought into action a specialized Ajax Development team for building high end web applications. This popular technique is used by web development agencies to avoid reloading web pages each time after making minor changes. Our specialized team implements AJAX technology to develop custom web application increasing speed, usability and interactivity.

Silicon Valley uses AJAX technology to a customized web application with a touch of desktop application rather than Internet based tool. One of the concerns in the web is time a browser takes to interact with server between requests because it has to submit entire page every time for communicating with server. This excellent combination of JavaScript and XML enables designers to make web pages that are extremely user-friendly without taking in much hazards of uploading it each time. JavaScript programming is now the universal language for client based validation and XML is a new revolutionary form of containing data and transfer data on World Wide Web. By enhancing the usage of these two technologies we can easily build interactive, fast and scalable web applications.

AJAX technique uses a combination of XMLHTTP Request object, which was added to the JavaScript runtime module in the Web browser. The XMLHTTP Request object returns the data formatted in a DOM document. It is well-matched with almost all browsers nowadays. As AJAX is not dependent on any server technology we can implement it by using PHP, ASP, .NET or any other server technology.

We can provide complex AJAX programming, AJAX programmer/ developer support for your web application at an affordable cost. We are young but experienced AJAX developers in India (AJAX JavaScript programmer India). We can provide you the rapid development for complex task with less coding and simple programming enhancing portability and interactivity. A part from AJAX programming silicon valley also provides various other services like website designing, web development, offhsore outsourcing, website promotion, software development solution.