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PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor. PHP is an open source, server-side scripting language that is designed to create dynamic web pages to host the web servers and platforms. PHP Programming language is the most favored programming language and its popularity goes up day by day. PHP is well suited for website development as PHP can be easily embedded into HTML code. PHP is the most preferred programming language used to develop different web applications like Ecommerce applications and Content Management System (CMS). In addition development of website in PHP proves cost-efficient and easier in maintenance. It is easy to make adaption and modifications while using PHP Programming. The LAMP architecture has become very popular in the web industry as a way of installing web applications. PHP is commonly used as the P in this bundle along with Linux, Apache and MySQL, sometimes P in LAMP architecture may refer to Python or Perl as well.

Advantages of Hiring Dedicated Programmers from has 10 years of development experience in PHP / MySQL and related technologies. has experience in both Custom PHP Development and Open Source Development. has wide experience in various frameworks like:

  • PHP MVC Development
  • Custom PHP Development
  • Cake PHP Framework
  • PHP CodeIgniter
  • LAMP Development
  • Zend PHP Development
  • PHP Smarty Development
  • YII Framework Development has expert developers for Open Source Like:

  • Joomla Web Design and Development
  • Drupal Web Design and Development
  • Wordpress Web Design and Development
  • Magento Web Design and Development
  • OSCommerce Development
  • Zend Cart Development
  • X- Cart Development
  • PHP CodeIgniter Development
  • PHP Smarty Development
  • Symphony Development
  • CS-Cart Development
  • PHP BB Development
  • Facebook Apps Development
  • Open Source Theme Design

Hire PHP Programmer California is one of the top companies providing PHP programmers in California. has a dedicated team of PHP Programmers, who offer complete PHP Website Development to the client onshore and offshore. With high demand for website development, PHP has become a buzzword in today’s IT industry. However, web development in the present day is more than just planning layouts. The website needs to be optimized to suit the high traffic, and providing easy navigation within the website and a friendly UI. For that reason you need to hire PHP programmer. PHP is the single stop shop for all these requirements being open source and user friendly.

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Hire Dedicated Developer California offers complete Web Development Services to its clients across all the continents. Hiring a dedicated Developer to work for you is one of the exceptional services that we provide. Hiring an expert developer by you will allow you to have complete control over project you assign. Clients outsource project to have it complete and launched successfully. But, when you hire a developer to work for you, it works dedicatedly for your business / organization. We offer services to hire PHP developer, hire PHP Programmer, ASP programmer / developer, ASP .Net Developer and Hire Ajax developer. Our Developers have wide range of expertise in AJAX, ExtJS, and JQuery.

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Hire PHP Developer California

The major benefits of offshore outsourcing from California are the considerable money saving and quick completion of projects. We provide services like Outsource Website Design and Web Development, PHP Programming, ASP.Net,, .Net, Ecommerce Solutions, Shopping Cart Development, Web Application Development, Database Integration, Flash Development, Flex Development, Multimedia Development, Corporate CD Presentation, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Web Promotion and Software Development Services.

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PHP Development California

PHP is Open Source, server side scripting language. PHP can create dynamic web pages. PHP is getting very popular programming language day by day because it’s free of cost and easy maintenance. Siliconinfo provides PHP Web Development services to clients across the world to fulfill their PHP Development requirements. Our matchless web development solutions provide you the best solution for your PHP Development projects. Our expert team of PHP Developers offers you Custom PHP Development according to your specific need. Our Offshore PHP Development center in California caters global clients with unique services at an affordable rate and on time delivery.

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PHP and MySQL Programming California

PHP is Open Source which means it’s free of cost, server side scripting language which is compatible with different kind of databases. PHP works excellent with MySQL Database. MySQL is a world’s most popular database. It is used as a database in small website to big complex website. It is usually used for connecting to other databases like Oracle, SQL Server to build all kind of web applications like Ecommerce Websites, Shopping Carts, and Content Management Systems (CMS). Our PHP and MySQL services include Website Development, Online Shopping Cart, Ecommerce Website Development, PHP MySQL Development, and much more.

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Outsource Your PHP Web Projects to California has a vast experience in developing PHP Outsourcing Projects with its location in California. We have deep experience and expertise in Outsource Web Design, Outsource Web Development, Outsource PHP Programming, Outsource .Net, Outsource Java Programming and much more. California being an IT outsourcing Hub gives you complete PHP Development Services. Outsourcing PHP projects to California has many advantages.

  • Cost-efficient and quality services
  • On time project completion without any compromise in the quality of development
  • Flexible services at affordable rate
  • Lowers development cost significantly as compare to in house development.
  • Our developers have excellent communication skill
  • PHP and MSSQL Development California

PHP is compatible with different databases. We can join MSSQL database using PHP by enabling the MSSQL extension in the PHP .ini file. PHP runs the best on windows web server and with SQL server. So, clients can use the advantages of both PHP and MSSQL. offers PHP and MSSQL Development Services globally for the past 10 years. Our team of PHP Programmers are experts in providing PHP development services and linking it with the MSSQL database. So if you are looking to develop website using PHP with MSSQL, then Siliconinfo is the place to go for.

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MySQL PHP PostgreSQL Development California

PostgreSQL is an Object-Relational Database Management System (ORDBMS) based on POSTGRES. PostgreSQL is an Open Source descendant of Berkeley code, gives SQL language support with other advanced features. Postgres is the best commercial database among object-relational concept databases. Conventionally, RDBMS supports a data model made of a collection of named relations, containing attributes of a specific type. MySQL PHP to PostgreSQL is a program which takes a PHP page using MYSQL, calls and changes them into PostgreSQL calls. It lets any website that is written in PHP language for MySQL to run as a website written to run on PostgreSQL.

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Benefits of PHP Programming: California

  • PHP is most popular programming language running on more than 22 million Websites and more than 1.1 million Web Servers
  • PHP is an open source so free of cost
  • PHP is extensible
  • PHP easily integrates with LINUX and UNIX.
  • PHP is secure and robust
  • PHP provides multi levels of security and keeps system secure from attacks both from the users as well as programmers. All the levels of security can be set in the .ini file to any desired level.
  • PHP is simple and easier to adapt. HTML codes can integrate the PHP pages in their HTML pages without much hassle.
  • Major reason that makes PHP Programming more desired is that PHP supports a vast range of databases.
  • provides complete PHP Development Services to its global clientele
  • keep up with rapidly changing technology and updates itself with the latest in the web world
  • provides you PHP Development at an affordable rate with premium quality
  • We at assure complete client satisfaction